College Elves

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College Elves

A film, theater and comic project in the genre of fantasy comedy / manga.


Two elves try to survive the everyday life at college. It's just too bad that Wölkchen's daddy doesn't want to pay for her magic blunders anymore and both her cheerleader friends and her roommate Feeria are constantly trying to set her up. Wölkchen then gets into real trouble when she tries to raise money with illegal healing magic: Does it have to splash like that? - And where to put the body?

College Elves: Pilot    [95 minutes]

Episode 1: The Fairy Pact    [40 minutes]

Episode 2: An Exchange Student for Revolution    [40 minutes]

Episode 3: Therapy - can we skip that crap?    [40 minutes]

Episode 4: Money and Love    [40 minutes]

Episode 5: How to kill an Elvecat.    [40 minutes]

Episode 6: The Soul Catcher    [40 minutes]

Play: College Elves - An Elf in a Bottle    [60 minutes]

“We make fantasy reality!”

Producing 2023/2024

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Project Overview

We start with a PR campaign, followed by crowdfunding to generate viewership, fundraising and film financing. Then we produce College Elves (fantasy film: pilot and 6 episodes). During filming, we will cast at least 20% of the crew and 10% of the actors with Ukrainians (we'd like more) and try to integrate them into the film job market.

Once the flick is finished, we'll host a big online premiere and try to break the record for most viewers at a YouTube premiere. In the premiere we will include an appeal for donations for Ukraine (interview with affected people in the countdown, insertion of an appeal for donations and the permanent donation link) and thus aim to raise funds for Ukraine.

We will then use the evaluation of the episodes as video on demand to pay for the cast and crew.