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In its decision of May 12, 1998, the LG Hamburg ruled that the inclusion of links also leads to co-responsibility of the material offered via these links. According to the LG, this can only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from these contents. We may have placed links to other sites on the Internet on our pages.

The following applies to all of these links:

We expressly declare that we have no influence on the design and content of the linked pages. Therefore we dissociate ourselves hereby expressly from all contents of all linked sides on our homepage and do not make ourselves these contents too own. Despite careful control of the contents, we do not assume any liability for the contents of external links. The operators of the linked pages are solely responsible for their content. This declaration applies to all links displayed on our homepage and to all contents of the pages to which the banners and links registered with us lead.

Internet conditions

The Internet works as a decentralized network with the intermediate storage and transmission of temporary data. A guarantee for the exclusion of manipulation, of inadvertent falsification and guarantee for the use of only current data (e.g. old version still in the cache) on the connection way offerer to user cannot give it therefore at present. We therefore point out this system-related limitation as follows: You receive this data under the conditions of the Internet. For the correctness of the data and the agreement with the original data therefore no guarantee can be taken over.

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