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A film project for Ukraine

The money for the project comes mainly from crowdfunding, which will start in 2023. We face the dilemma that funds raised in crowdfunding might be better donated to Ukraine right away. To solve this, we are launching an international company fundraising in crowdfunding, where companies donate an amount of cents determined by them to our cooperation partner Stand With Ukraine Foundation for every euro reached in crowdfunding. Perhaps you know the principle from the sponsored run at your children's school.

Our goal: Through the participation of the companies, even a higher amount is collected for the people in Ukraine per donated euro in crowdfunding. The money from the company fundraising will be transferred directly to the Stand With Ukraine Foundation, so that the funds are clearly separated from those in crowdfunding and the Foundation as an NGO can also issue a donation receipt.

In order to get the whole thing up and running, we are dependent on support

and therefore turn to your foundation.

“Thank you!”

Together we can make a difference.

“Contact us - we will send you the papers!”

Thank you for your help.

Stand With Ukraine Foundation

The Stand With Ukraine Foundation is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to save, support, strengthen and preserve Ukraine - the frontline of freedom and peace in the world, defended with the lives of the brave.

ACTIVISM AND LOBBY WORK: Our volunteers tirelessly organize rallies and campaigns in support of Ukraine in the U.S. and around the world. We lobby effectively to influence key policy decisions and change the course of the war in Ukraine's favor.

AID TO UKRAINE AND VOLUNTEER CENTERS: The SWU Foundation operates several volunteer centers that provide humanitarian aid. We purchase, collect, pack and ship life-saving medical aid and basic military supplies that Ukraine desperately needs as a result of the Russian invasion.

CULTURAL DIPLOMATION: An important part of our activity is the promotion of Ukrainian language and culture at our events, where we present Ukrainian art, music, dances, films and traditions, because we defend not only the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but also our own cultural identity. SWU Foundation is committed to protecting cultural rights, which are essential for a peaceful, inclusive society.

Project Initiator

My name is Lars Czekalla, I’ve studied acting in Los Angeles, work as a teacher and I am a part-time writer, actor and director. The associated production company is in the process of being founded.

When the war broke out, I was in the U.S. studying, and even there it was a drastic experience: I've never felt as helpless as I did the moment my friend Alex was in Kyiv and the Russians invaded Ukraine, heading for the city. I tried everything to help her somehow: from writing a letter to the American president, to demos, to donations, to getting involved in the Stand For Ukraine Foundation, to flying across the Atlantic to get my apartment in Germany ready for her so that she had a place to stay with her sister and a friend. Then, through the Ukrainian community in L.A., I saw the pictures and videos that were not shown on the news and personally witnessed the tears of those whose hometown was just bombed. Therefore, I would like to use my creative potential to support Ukraine, in addition to donations.

Please join.

Previous Publications

2021:   Comic - College Elves - Volume 1 (ENG/GER)

2020:   Book - Kinder der Schatten : Unsterblich (GER)

2018:   Film (episodic) - Nerds 4 Fame (GER)

2016:   Kinder der Schatten: Frischfleisch (GER)

2014:   Shaphiriane und der Gott der Feuers (GER)

2012:   Shaphiriane und der Mythos des Drachen (GER)

2011:   Shaphiriane und die Seele des Drachen (GER)

Film Education

New York Film Academy (Los Angeles): Acting for Film

SAE Institute (Hamburg): Video Production